THE 3G Network Shutdown is Coming

Yes, 3G is being phased out in North America and also at different places around the world. Fleet Owner reports that 3G shutdown is expected to occur in 2022.

In India, Bharti Airtel has started shutting down its 3G network, to be completed in March 2020. Taiwan was shutting down 3G in 2019 and the transition to 4G LTE there is well underway. However, these dates may be subject to change.

The 3G sunset makes way for the transition to 4G and beyond. The upgrade to 4G services will bring consumers enhanced speed and connectivity. Some advantages of 4G LTE include faster downloading and support for video chats and streaming.

How Does the 3G Shutdown Affect My Service?

Services that are provided through devices currently dependent upon the 3G network (and are not compatible with the newer 4G LTE network) will soon no longer work and will be rendered obsolete. Both your device and the service plan that comes with it will need to be 4G-capable. This 3G shutdown paves the way for a global transition to 4G and beyond and some providers even offer companies the opportunity to trade in their 3G devices for new 4G devices at no cost in order to help make this transition as easy as possible. Check and see If you are using any of the services listed below; if you are then you may want to see if they are on the 3G network.

Is Your Company Prepared For This Transition?

Thousands of fleets are still relying on the services provided via the 3G network and will soon have to make the decision to transition over to the newer 4G network. Although cut-off dates vary per provider, the Verizon 3G network shutdown date is scheduled to occur by the end of 2020. All major service providers are scheduled to shutdown their 3G Network. Don’t be caught with service disruptions by doing nothing or assuming your tracking devices won’t be affected. One major-city public transit fleet in the U.S. had service interruptions for several weeks after the 2G shutdown. The bus fleet’s schedule information system relied on 2G for data transmission. The move away from 3G is inevitable, as networks are already looking ahead to 5G coverage.

Will This Affect My ELD?

If your fleet depends on any of the estimated 7.5 million IOT devices such as ELD running on the 3G network, you may have already noticed a significant decline in coverage if not a complete loss of coverage. With the Verizon 3G shutdown date scheduled to occur by the end of 2020,  companies dependent upon that network for their ELD services will soon need to make the transition to 4G or risk the possibility of operating out of compliance.

How Can I Prepare?

The 3G shutdown is another major service shutdown in just the past five years. For organizations relying on machine-to-machine devices, such as Vehicle Telematics, ELD and Asset Tracking, here’s what you can do now:

Start Planning Today & Claim Your Trade In Offer.

The move away from 3G is inevitable, as networks are already looking ahead to 5G coverage. While we’re still far off from 5G on a large scale — widespread rollout is expected to arrive by 2022 at the latest and in some cases by the end 2020 for major networks such as Verizon. As alarming as this may be we want you to know that we are here to help, which is why we’re the only major service provider offering new customers the opportunity to trade in their old 3G equipment in exchange for free 4G equipment when you sign up for our standard 12 month service plan. Click the button below to learn more and claim your trade in offer.

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