GPS ELD Tracking Services in Chicago, IL

If you are a fleet manager, you know how many things can go wrong and slow down your operations. At PGT, we strive to help you overcome the complexity of fleet management. Primarily, we provide GPS ELD tracking solutions through hardware and software that is easy to use and provides you with all of the information you need for your fleet in Chicago, IL.

Various Service Options

Because no two businesses are alike, we offer multiple different solutions to fleet and asset tracking. Our programs include:

  • Omnitracs IVG
  • Geotab GO
  • Omnitracs XRS
  • Azuga
  • Geotab Drive
  • Omnitracs RDC
  • Surfsight dash cam

Each of these software/hardware combinations allows you to keep track of each truck in your fleet in real-time from wherever you are, so long as you have an internet-connected device. Easily track the location, driving pattern, and fuel economy of all of your fleet with minimal hassle.

Our team will be happy to help you with installing both the hardware and software, as well as with interface setup and customization. If you would like to learn more about how our team can help you streamline your fleet management, contact us by calling 1-833-PGT-2020 or by filling out our contact form.