Surfsight Dash Cam in El Paso, TX

Help increase the return on your business’ assets with the help of fleet management services from PGT. We offer a variety of tools to help you monitor driver behavior and gather important data so that you can improve safety and productivity.

Learn more about our services for El Paso, TX, including the Surfsight dash cam.

Innovative Solutions

If you need a reliable way to record driving incidents and hold drivers accountable, consider our Surfsight dash cam. It can detect unsafe driving behaviors, like distracted driving, and even identify sudden acceleration, harsh braking, or sharp turns. With two wide-angle cameras, you can record the road and driver to get a full picture of what happened in the event of an accident.

As part of our fleet management services, we can install the dash cam and integrate it with software that gathers the data into manageable pieces. Integrate the Surfsight dash cam with an existing system or ask us about the Geotab Drive and Geotab Go. We have the experience and industry knowledge to help your company succeed.

Let our team help you find the perfect solution for your business. Ask us how our GPS ELD tracking services can help. If you operate a small business in El Paso, TX, that needs accurate fleet tracking services, call 1-833-PGT-2020.