GPS ELD Tracking in Cleveland, OH

If you operate a fleet of trucks out of Cleveland, OH, you likely already know about the importance of maintaining ELD compliance. At PGT, we offer a variety of different GPS ELD tracking hardware and software so that you can maintain compliance and revamp your fleet management.

GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Tools

Even if you didn’t have to worry about ELD compliance, you’d still want to make sure that your drivers are doing what you expect of them and that your product is getting to its destination safe and sound. At PGT, we provide the technology that will allow you to know exactly what is going on in the cab of each truck in your fleet.

Our GPS fleet and asset tracking technology, including the Geotab GO, Geotab Drive, Omnitracs, and Azuga, allows you to monitor the driving behavior, such as stops and speed, along with the punctuality and downtime of your drivers. With this information, you can not only track the location of the trucks in your fleet but the efficiency of your drivers.

The Surfsight dash cam also gives you the ability to see the inside of the cab as well as the road in front of your driver. Along with any data you collect from our other technology, you can access this video in real-time from any internet-connected device.

To learn more about our technology, contact us at 1-888-PGT-2020.