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Solutions. Driven.
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Solutions. Driven.
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ELD, Fleet & Asset Tracking, IoT Software Solutions Consultant and Partner.

About Us

Learn how we manage our stellar reputation

ELD Compliance

How to be ELD compliant
Our Consultants know your industry and will learn your business to customize the optimal solutions – functionality and price – for you and your organization. We support you in realizing the return on the investments you have already made; your team, your assets, your business.

3+ Million Connected Vehicles & Assets

Billions of Data Points Daily

Realizing Your Return

"PGT helped us acquire the insight needed to better utilize our assets, increase productivity and more importantly realize a significant return on our investments."
Raul Robertson
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We have been entrenched in the Telematics industry as it has grown exponentially over the past 10 years, and we offer what we deem to be the industry’s most optimal solutions while providing the ongoing support required to realize the return on your investment; your assets and team. We are a small business and treat our clients as loyal partners, and they in turn have been loyal to us.  Contact us today to become a partner, and allow us to help you Realize Your Return.