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In 2000, Craig and David joined together and founded Total Choice Communications, a wireless-solutions provider that featured Nextel, Motorola and Sprint products. The business quickly grew and Total Choice had retail locations throughout the Houston, Dallas and Beaumont-Port Arthur metro areas. Despite extraordinary growth, David and Craig maintained their “customer first” approach. Total Choice was a top Sprint sales leader in Texas, and won five Sprint “Presidents” Awards for consistently exceeding sales goals.

In 2009, Craig and David saw an opportunity to provide GPS solutions to the Texas and surrounding markets, sold their wireless business and started Premier GPS Solutions. Premier GPS Solutions was proud to feature Networkfleet® products, the leader in wireless vehicle management.

In January of 2017 Craig retired and Cliff joined Premier GPS Tracking.  Working alongside the same team members, Cliff has rebranded the company as PGT Technologies, while constantly adding a number of exciting industry leading products and services, with the vision of becoming a complete solutions provider; to become the PGT clients’ preferred partner for machine to machine asset management.

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Our Team:

From your dedicated face to face solutions director, your business service analyst, and the president and owner of PGT, we differentiate ourselves from every competitor with our customer support and personal relationships.  We are regionally focused and our customers choose us because we understand their specific situation and deliver customized results.


Our Experience & Product Scope:

As an authorized reseller for nearly 10 years we know the industry in and out and have identified the products that will allow you to realize your return on the investments you make everyday; your assets, your vehicles, your time, and the time & safety of your team.  We get it.

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Fleet Product Benefits

Hr Line


Premier GPS Tracking polls the vehicle’s on board computer (OBD-II) to report actual speed.


Premier GPS Tracking uses a proprietary algorithm to capture. MPG from gasoline powered vehicles.

Innovative Technology:

Precise Engine Diagnostics, Exact Speed and Idle Time, Miles per Gallon Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions



Reads proprietary codes for specific manufacturer’s standards, allowing for universal usage on most all vehicles.


Because Premier GPS Tracking connects to the OBD-II, the system is able to obtain actual speed.


Helps manage fuel consumption to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.