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User-Friendly ELD, Workforce, Vehicle & Asset Management


PGT Technologies & Geotab have partnered to offer a complete ELD, workforce, vehicle, and asset management solution via machine to machine data communication on the world’s most reliable networks.  With the GO Series hardware and Geotab software you can constantly manage your assets’ safety and productivity – and realize your return.

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Geotab Drive - Total ELD Compliance

When it comes to technology and staying compliant with regulations set forth by the FMCSA, it is essential to choose a partner to grow with. Learn how Geotab makes it easy to stay ahead of potential issues by bringing together telematics solutions that are easy to use with any in-cab mobile connected device choices that make tracking a turnkey program.

Geotab GO Series - Robust Simplicity

The GO Series device is the industry leading plug-and-play hardware you need to to capture the data you require so you analyze and improve your assets’ productivity. With GO technology you will consistently have access to your data – from vehicle or asset location to driver behavior and asset health – limiting expense and improving the bottom line.

Geotab Software - Management by Measurement

Geotab Software is a proven market leader.  With a seemingly infinite number of customizable dashboards, alerts and reports, Geotab software ensures every company can extract the specific data they need in an easily digestible format to continuously improve Safety and Execution. Furthermore, if you don’t have the resources or simply choose to rely on asset management experts, PGT & Geotab can fully support your company with our business services team.  Call us today to see what we are all about; your success.

Data Integration & Expandability

Explore the endless possibilities with Geotab data integration.  As an open source engineering company Geotab partners with an array of softwares from tire pressure monitoring to live video feeds.  Any data integration that is important to you can be achieved with Geotab.  And with IOX integrations you can enhance fiscal control, Driver Behavior, and so many other productivity software platforms; all in one place.