Get a Surfsight Dashcam, Geotab Go, and Other GPS ELD Tracking Solutions

No doubt the drivers in your fleet do all they can to perform as safely and efficiently as possible. Nevertheless, in today’s economy and conditions, you may naturally want to see where improvements could be made in real-time.

If you need compliance and GPS ELD tracking solutions for your fleet near Bellevue, Washington, turn to PGT Technologies for all your telematics solutions.

PGT Technologies knows that as a small business, you need all the help you can get. We started out as a small business ourselves—a group of Sprint stores—and grew into a telematics provider for small businesses like yours across the country.

Our Telematics Solutions on Offer

We offer the Surfsight dash cam, Geotab Drive, Geotab Go, and other top telematics solutions so you can track your fleet and collect data in real-time to see where improvements can be made and efficiency improved.

We also offer our Azuga field management software and other fleet management services to make every aspect of your job simple. Our ROI calculator can easily demonstrate all we can do for you.

Reach out to PGT Technologies to get started on a path to easier, more efficient fleet management and telematics. Call 1-833-PGT-2020 for all your telematics needs.