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GPS Fleet Tracking with Cellular, Bluetooth & Satellite Services

Keep your assets & team members productive & secure.


Track any asset, anywhere, any time with our family of products that utilize custom configured GPS positions and sensors to gather and transmit data via cellular, WiFi or satellite.  And our products start at the lowest market prices; we promise.  Contact us today to learn more!

Industry Leading Asset Tracking Products


PGT Anywhere

Fitting in the palm of your hand, our products were developed for the intelligent management of any asset. The small and discreet design makes it ideal for improving your company’s asset operating efficiency and security; eliminate loss while significantly improving asset and employee productivity. Wait! There’s more: we offer both battery and solar powered rechargeable units with industry leading technology at the industry’s leading price point.  Call us today!!

PGT Anywhere Bluetooth

Tools to Toddlers:  Our extremely affordable bluetooth sensors can communicate with any cellular device (including our asset trackers) and wifi to track everything from pallets in a trailer to inventory in a warehouse to….literally almost anything!