With dual HD lenses to provide a complete view of any road event (road, driver and side views), as well as accessory cameras for true 360 vehicle and truck views, our LTE camera systems will record exactly what happened before, during and after an incident. Additional features of our camera systems include the following cutting edge advances:



Full Visibility

These cameras offer inside, outside, and rear views of each truck. Each camera has an SD card and an LTE connection to record any incidents. An SD card saves important data, while an LTE connection allows for live-streaming online so that you can easily check on vehicles from almost anywhere.

You can also replay any and all footage that these cameras record. If your truck is involved in an accident, you can replay the footage from inside or outside the car to get a clear picture of what happened.

Dash cameras also have panic buttons and GPS receivers to ensure that communication is instantaneous in the event of any problems. Geotab integration includes instant email notifications and SmartWitness event recording to ensure that footage is not lost or recorded over.

Reduced Liability

Keep your fleet safe and company protected with accurate recording and instant communication. You can check the position of any and all vehicles in real time as well as track rest times, vehicle speeds, and driving routes.

With an accurate picture of your team’s driving habits and video data to back it up, you can present an exact report to insurance providers. Safe driving records lead to lower insurance rates and a reduced risk of liability, so use 360-degree camera systems in all your trucks to keep your drivers honest and your insurance affordable.

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