Dash Cams and GPS Tracking in Dallas, TX

Fleet management is essential to ensuring the safety and accountability of your drivers and the proper handling of your assets and merchandise. The US Department of Transportation requires you to be electronic logging device (ELD) compliant, and, at PTG, our GPS ELD tracking software and hardware will help you be compliant while also helping you easily manage your drivers and assets.

If you operate a small or medium-sized business that moves product in Dallas, TX, learn more about our easy-to-use technologies below.

Make Technology Work for You

At PGT, we offer a variety of hardware and software products that will not only keep you ELD-compliant but also streamline your fleet management. This technology includes:
  • Geotab Go and Geotab Drive
  • Omnitracs IVG, XRS, and RDC
  • Surfsight Dash Cam
We will help you install the software and hardware that makes these essential assets function, and we will train you and your drivers on their proper function. You will find that our products are easy to use and will greatly simplify your fleet management. Are you new to fleet management? We’ll also help you figure out what is necessary for properly tracking assets and drivers. Get started with PGT today by filling out our online contact form.