Geotab GO and Geotab Drive for Minneapolis, MN

Stores and businesses all over rely on your fleet of trucks to provide them with essential products and services. Keeping track of your fleet is important to ensure that your products are delivered on time. We now have technology that allows for more efficient fleet tracking and management, so if you want to step up your logistical efficiency, browse our GPS fleet and asset tracking products.

GPS ELD Tracking for Minneapolis, MN

  • We offer a wide range of tracking and fleet management products and services, including both Geotab GO and Geotab Drive. And if you want to have proof of fault in the case of an accident, a Surfsight dash cam is the perfect addition to any truck. With the products that we offer, you have the ability to choose the fleet tracking tools that work best for your company and its unique goals.

    We also have a team of expert consultants who offer fleet management assistance. If you need help with training, onboarding, UI setups, and driver behavior reports, you can rely on us to get the job done and keep your company’s fleet running smoothly.

    If you would like to learn more about our many fleet products and services, call us today at 1-833-PGT-2020.