Surfsight Dash Cam & GPS Tracking in Biloxi, MS

If you’re looking for a GPS ELD tracking option in Biloxi, MS, our team at PGT is happy to find you what will work for your company. Our suite of products is perfectly suited to work with each other and integrate into an excellent fleet management option.

Surfsight Dash Cam

Dash cameras are designed to record video of what happens in or around a vehicle, but at PGT, we know it’s capable of so much more. Our Surfsight dash cam is equipped to identify risky driving, so managers of drivers with a track record for great driving can feel empowered to keep the driver-facing camera off if it’s unnecessary. Keep your drivers safe and your company safe from liability with our dash camera.

Geotab Integration

Seamless integration with MyGeotab allows customers to access a quality camera solution with the click of a button that in turn utilizes video and artificial intelligence to help improve fleet safety.

Fleet Management

You can track your whole fleet with our Geotab Go and Geotab Drive software options, and we’ll help you stay compliant with any regulations as well. Enjoy a variety of data management solutions with a simple interface that will allow you to know what’s going on inside your company as a whole as well as each separate cab.

From routing to ELD tracking, our suite of products, from Geotab to Omnitracs, can help you improve efficiency and stay legally compliant. Call us at 1-833-PGT-2020 to learn more about what we offer.