Geotab Drive and Geotab Go for Buffalo, NY

Some businesses are comprised of vehicles and drivers which means you do not have the oversight that you need to ensure the safety and productivity of your employees. However, you can change that with GPS ELD tracking software from PGT Technologies.

At PGT Technologies, we proudly offer a variety of industries in and around Buffalo, NY, with customized solutions for fleet management.

How Does GPS Tracking Serve You?

To ensure that your products and your people are in compliance with various laws and regulations, we offer Geotab Drive and Geotab Go software technology that helps you manage your bus service, shipping fleet, or anything in between.

We also provide a Surfsight Dash cam that will aid in monitoring driver behavior and vehicle function and performance. With our technology systems, you will also have the access to driver logs and driving schedules to ensure vehicles reach their destinations at their estimated arrival times.

With the services of PGT Technologies, you will be able to address any potential issues or problems that arise with ease. We understand that this information is vital to your company’s success, so we strive for competitive and affordable prices for you.

If you are interested in our GPS ELD tracking services, contact us today by calling 833-PGT-2020, or by visiting our contact page. We would love to assist you.