How Dash Cams Can Benefit Your Fleet Company

If you run a fleet company, you’re always looking for ways to improve operations and better serve your customers. Dash cams can do both of those things.

Dash cams are cameras that you mount on the dashboards of vehicles. The cameras record everything in front of the car, providing valuable footage when needed. Discover how dash cams can improve your company’s bottom line.

Lower Your Insurance Premiums

Insurers consider many factors when calculating premiums. Among the critical considerations is how much effort you put into protecting your vehicles and drivers. For example, when you have a dash cam installed in each fleet vehicle, you send a strong message to the insurer that you’re serious about safety. In response, many insurers will offer a discount on premiums.

In the same way, dash cams come in handy when collecting evidence after an accident. For example, if one of your drivers is involved in an accident, you can use the footage from the dash cam to determine who was at fault. This information helps you avoid insurance fraud, whereby people falsely claim that your drivers were at fault in an accident.

Monitor Drivers’ Behavior

If you have ever dealt with a reckless or abusive driver, you know how frustrating that can be. Not only does this behavior put your drivers and vehicles at risk, but it also reflects poorly on your company.

When you have dash cams installed in your fleet vehicles, you can monitor driver behavior and take action when necessary. Also, drivers are likely to act right, knowing they are being monitored. For instance, drivers will not use cell phones while driving or engage in other risky behaviors. This benefit translates to lower accident risks and higher productivity, which are both good for your company’s bottom line.

Lower Workers Fraud

It’s not uncommon for employees to commit fraud, especially if they feel they can get away with it. For instance, some employees may commit crashes for cash fraud, where they stage an accident and then claim damages.

Such fraud costs your business money and endangers other people’s lives. However, when you have dash cams installed in your fleet vehicles, it becomes much more challenging for employees to commit fraud. The footage from the dash cam can be used as evidence to prove that an employee was not being truthful about what happened.

Train Your Drivers Better

You can use footage from the dash cam to show your drivers what they are doing wrong and how they can improve. Also, you can share good driving practices with all your drivers by showing them footage of exceptional drivers.

Training your drivers using dash cam footage is more effective than traditional methods such as lectures and written manuals because people learn better when they see examples of what they should or should not do.

Protect Your Cars From Vandalism

Your fleet vehicles are valuable assets, and you need to do everything possible to protect them. Unfortunately, fleet vehicles are often targets of vandalism. For instance, vandals may key your car, break windows, or slash tires.

When you have dash cams installed in your fleet vehicles, the footage from the dash cam comes in handy as evidence. And you can use this information to file a police report and insurance claim.

Dash cams are a wise investment for any fleet company looking to improve safety and lower costs. The dashboard cameras give you peace of mind knowing that your vehicles and drivers are being monitored. In an accident, the footage from the dash cam can be invaluable in proving what happened.

Make sure that you invest in a dash cam with features that suit your specific needs. You can trust us at PGT Technologies for all your fleet dash cam needs. We have a wide range of options to choose from, and our team is always ready to help you make the right choice for your fleet. Contact us, or check our site for more details.

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