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SkyBitz Smart Trailers

SkyBitz is the world leader in Trailer Tracking.  With over One Million devices in service, they are a leader in reefer, solar, and base GPS trailer tracking technology.  Pushing that technology forward, Skybitz now integrates with tank sensors, load monitors, tire pressure monitors,  and so much more.  SkyBitz has developed the first truly “Smart Trailer”.  Call us today to realize your company’s return!


SkyBitz Fleet Management

Contractor & Service Fleets
Timely and efficient service is a core to all service businesses, which means you need to keep your finger on the pulse of your service vehicle fleet. Our solutions allow you to know when your drivers arrive and leave job locations and continuously analyze key metrics such as job duration.  You can even use the user friendly software to more efficiently manage your dispatching from practically anywhere in the world.

Sales Fleets
Ensure the efficiency, effectiveness and safety of your salesforce and their vehicles while improving your return on investment and bottom line. Rather than a Big Brother solution, our fleet management solutions are designed to do more than merely track your employee; there are numerous reports, diagnostic alerts, and maintenance reminders, etc. that help you maintain your assets and keep your team safe.