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KP1S Vehicle Camera


With a 720p HD lens to provide a complete view of any road event, the KP1S will record exactly what happened before, during and after an incident. This camera can capture all of the following info: Driver’s view of the road, Vehicle Location, Impact Force of Accident, Audio, & Driver Behavior (speed, acceleration, braking, & steering) .

The evidence captured by the KP1S offers your company and driver protection from: Insurance fraud, Staged Accidents, False Whiplash Claims, Conflicting Reports of Actual Events, Driving Offense Allegations (speeding, traffic signal violations, swerving, etc).

In addition to simply capturing and storing the data via a standard SD card, KP1S is able to send video and driving data wirelessly with the added option of a 3G SIM card.  This allows for safety critical video and data to be sent via email, directly to a server (SmartWitness server software required), or integrated with Telematics Software (Please contact us for a list of compatible telematics software).