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Satellite Services

Keep your assets & team members secure.


From “sheep to ships” Globalstar’s family of products can utilize comparative GPS positions and custom configured sensors to gather and transmit asset status data via satellite. The SmartOne products can be customized and configured to track its asset’s specific needs and provide intermediate and emergency alerts by email or text.  Contact us today for more information.

Recommended Products


SmartOne C

Smaller than a hockey puck, the SmartOne C was developed for the intelligent management of any asset; the small and discreet design make it ideal for improving your company’s asset operating efficiency and security. You can easily eliminate loss while significantly improving asset, employee utilization.

SPOT GEN3® Global Satellite GPS Messenger

Originally developed for personal tracking of extreme athletes and people in remote locations, the SPOT Gen3 offers your lone employees a satellite based, potentially life-saving, line of communication. The SPOT Gen3 allows anyone to communicate from anywhere with either predefined messages or, if required, an emergency alert to search & rescue – with the simple push of a button. This pocket-sized device is essential to the safety of your lone workforce team members.