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Pure & Simple Worker & Fleet Management

Monitor Your Workforce & Fleet Anytime, Anywhere


PGT Technologies merges GPS technology with affordable wireless coverage from Verizon and an intuitive software user interface to allow any size business or government to seamlessly manage their workforce, fleet vehicles and other assets.  Contact us today to schedule a demo and meet with your Regional Solutions Director.

  • View vehicle location in real time for satellite, hybrid, and street maps
  • Vehicle Diagnostics & Alerts
  • Historical Reporting
  • Preventative Maintenance Alerts
  • Roadside Assistance

Recommended Products


PGT Technologies 5000 Series

Premier GPS’s 5000 series product line is designed to enable fleets to connect with every aspect of their vehicle operations. The 5000 series hardware offers affordable wireless coverage, transmitting vehicle location, performance, diagnostics (5500), and sensor event information for your fleet. The serial port* on the 5000 hardware also allows for seamless integration with compatible Garmin devices and NMEA feeds.

PGT Technologies 5500

The 5500 is compatible with Light and Heavy Duty vehicles with an OBD-II diagnostic link connector (cars and light trucks 1996 and newer) or J1708/J1939 6-pin or 9-pin diagnostic link connector (heavy trucks 1988 and newer).

PGT Technologies 5200

The 5200 is universally compatible with all types of vehicles and it is compatible with any harness option designed to work with the 5000 product line. Regardless of the harness type used, the 5200 will not gather diagnostic information from the vehicle

PGT Technologies Expressfleet

PGT Technologies & Verizon also offer a basic OBDII device (plug and play) that is ideal for businesses, governments, and even consumers, who want an even more affordable, basic GPS tracking and monitoring solution.